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// i wouldn’t dream of working on something that didn’t make my gut grumble and my heart want to explode // .kate winslet

There are certain things in life that we strive to do or be but we have no idea if or when the door will be opened to us. We only know that when it does, nothing will hold us back from walking through it. I have dreamt of shooting a birth from the moment I first saw Lexia Frank’s work when I was in high school, back when I watched everything medical on TLC but failed miserably in all of my math and science classes, not realizing that years later I would meet Lexia herself and she would give me the courage to reach into my past and bring back my dream of photographing a birth. Let me tell you- it was worth the wait. August 20 2o15 changed my life, and in many ways my career. I walked into St. Mary’s Hospital at 6:45am and left at 7pm, the whole ride home feeling like I was on some crazy drug that left me with a giddy grin and tears in the corners of my eyes, gripping the wheel and praying to hold onto this feeling forever.

My good friend and fellow wedding photographer Meg Brock and her husband Rich allowed me to document one of the most monumental days in their entire lives. Eliorah Stella Brock was born at 9:12am, and I was there for it all, from pre-surgery jitters to the first time she was placed in her mother’s arms to the conversation that decided her name to meeting her big brother Isaac and the first time their tiny fingers met. It was pure magic. There are no words to thank them enough for opening this door to me. This is life documentation in its most raw form, and I’m hooked.

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