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My parents have exactly 38 professional images tucked into the worn edges of their wedding album. 38. I know every one inside and out. I don’t ever need to see that book again to know what’s inside.  But every year I do it. I scale the edge of our sofa and reach up to the top shelf and pull down that hefty book with its gilded edges and worn lettering. “Our Wedding” in Edwardian Script Font, size 48.  The corners are rounded, and slightly bent from so many views over the last 30 years. From my grandparents down to me, and hopefully my children one day. They will all feel its weight and look into the eyes of a forever 26 year old woman, beaming beside her groom without a line on his face or a gray strand in his hair. Not the way I see them today. And I always knew I wanted that some day.

Ironic, considering where my life has taken me. Because now I have clients that often forgo the album. They decide it’s not worth the cost. But I can’t help but think what they’ll do with all those images, or any of them for that matter. Will they print out a couple 5x7s and put them in a frame for the bedroom? Maybe. Will they sit locked in a tiny piece of metal that will become obsolete in our wonderfully evolving world of technological advancement? I cringe to say yes. How in the world would anyone see those images again if outdated files were stored in what is our equivalent of an eight-track player? I want my children to scale the edge of our sofa and reach for our story, flip through its pages, and see how their father held their mother so tightly that day, without a care in the world, when their family consisted of two kids who laughed at YouTube videos before bed and ate Nutella straight out of the jar. (Ok, let’s be real, that’s mostly me hoarding the Nutella.)

Well, tomorrow marks 10 months since our day, and I have to admit I have been meaning to do this blog post for some time now. If you know me, you know if I want something done I make it happen immediately. So you better believe this wedding album I had been dreaming of was sitting on our doorstep before we even hit the 3 month mark. So yes, that means these images are going to show an album that has been manhandled for 7 months now, touched by my friends, family, and my clients. I want my brides to see it, first because it is a product that I offer, and second because I want them to see the way I hold it, how my eyes tear up a little at that shot of me crying on the altar or how I laugh at the page when my brother-in-law surprised me with a game show about Colin in order to win his love (that sequence is included here. and yes, I almost peed myself when it happened). They know this is something I believe in with all my heart, something I want them to have for themselves, for their families. Because when our great grandchildren root around our attic in the year 2120, they will have no idea what a USB drive even is.

Photography: Hoffer Photography

Design: Me

Album Production: Renaissance Albums

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