Juliana Laury Photography

Tricia & Fredi

Intimate Winter Wedding

Bucks County, PA


Juliana Laury Photography | Chester County, Lehigh Valley, and Montgomery County Wedding Photographer

There are weddings that are about the details and there are weddings that are about the heart. Tricia and Fredi married one another with as much heart as two people can possibly give. They lived entire lives apart, their souls searching for one another, and when they fell in love it was wholehearted and it was right. Tricia would tell me all about their long journey to get to this day, the years of long distance, the jobs and homes and people who needed their attention, the obstacles that they weathered together. In the end, all they wanted was one another forever. And when it finally happened it was absolutely perfect. It was a chilly but beautiful January afternoon, their closest friends and family traveled from Cuba to Florida and everywhere in between to come to an oasis in the middle of Bucks County, PA, and when the kiss was sealed the room erupted in more tears and embraces than my camera could capture all at once. It was a magical night: one long candle lit table, everyone’s arms around the chair beside them, quivering speeches and full-bellied laughs. This day was about so much more than my feeble words could ever describe because that room said it all.

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