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There’s a lot of doubt that goes into parenting. Are they eating the right food? Playing with the right toys? Did I lock the door or is my kid running out into the street right now? It’s a lot of wondering if you’re doing this parenting thing right. Which is why I love to enter a home and act as a fly on the wall, shoot from the kids’ perspective, from the corner, from the floor, all the places a parent can’t see- to show them that the golden childhood that everyone deserves- they are providing that right now. It’s all going into the archive of memories that will one day shape who their children become. I just get to hold up the mirror.

We’re revisiting the Remmen family, they’ve made appearances on my blog twice in the last two years, and you will continue to learn their story as they welcome their third child this coming June. These guys are close friends and their kids have snuggled right into our hearts, from rushing to meet Claire in the hospital to sharing pizza & gifts & movies on Christmas Eve with them just 2 days ago, I know I’ll be documenting this family for as long as they’ll have me. Today, we get to watch them pick out their first Christmas tree in their new home. Since these images were taken the house has already become a construction zone, so who knows how different my our next round of pictures will be!

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