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It’s incredibly rare for me to blog family sessions anymore. Honestly, I’ve been getting away from doing them, with the demands of my business, my toddler, and my growing belly. But when the talented Meg Brock gives her own valuable Saturday away from her family to document yours, you return the favor without hesitation. I found Meg’s work 4 years ago and reached out as I was immediately inspired by her style and use of light. When we met for lunch for the first time, her stomach was rounding out with her second child, I gathered myself enough to ask her if I could photograph the day her family went from 3 to 4. Ellie’s birth was the first I ever photographed and if you’ve been following my work you know how pivotal that event has been for my portfolio as I have fallen in love with birth work. So when it was time for my own life to transform into parenthood, I could think of no better person than Meg to document the birth story of our son, Johnny. And so, she has been our family documentarian ever since.

It’s weird to be on the other end of the camera. As photographers we are so used to having control of what’s in the frame, what is retouched, what is included and what is omitted. But that is exactly WHY we need to be on the other end once in awhile. We need to BE in our own family pictures. We need to let go and feel the vulnerability of being photographed and allow someone else to take the reins. Thank you to Meg who has continually given me authentic photographs of our everyday life. I was so honored to return the favor for you. We love you all!!

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