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// you can’t exist in this world without leaving a piece of yourself behind. // – jodi picoult


I met Taylor and Joey when I was shooting for the cover of LEO Magazine late last year. They were electric. The way they held one another, the way she rubbed her nose into his and giggled, how he could not take his eyes off of her for a single moment- it was intoxicating to watch. And because I am a professional third wheeler I asked to hang out with them at their little Philly apartment, no big hair and makeup and fancy outfits just Indie Brunch on Spotify, their mattress on the floor, and french press coffee out of mason jars.

I’m not sure if many of you have heard the latest news from Apple computers, but the newest laptop has been released without a USB port. That’s what I had given Taylor and Joey when I surprised them with a little wooden box a few weeks after our afternoon together. But I also gave them a stack of prints. And watching them pour over each and every one of them was magical for me. I watched their faces light up as they viewed their images for the first time not on a tiny screen but rather spread out on the very bed where so many of the photographs had been made. This is how photography was meant to be viewed, how it was meant to be enjoyed not just by the subject but also for future generations to find. This is how Taylor and Joey will be remembered, and I am so glad I could start the story of their love.

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