Juliana Laury Photography

Tara & Jason

PA Farm Elopement

Chester County, PA


Juliana Laury Photography | Chester County, Lehigh Valley, and Montgomery County Wedding Photographer

Sometimes life just gives you what you need right when you need it because, hey, you deserve it. So many things had to go right to land me at a beautiful farm tucked away in my own backyard of Chester County with two people who were going to run off to Boston to elope but instead decided to say their vows in front of all of their loved ones on a friend’s century old property with solid bones and a hardworking family determined to give it new life. That friend needed to be an acclaimed photographer who just so happened to enjoy my website and refer my work before ever meeting me, I needed to somehow have their date open with shorter notice and a busier September than usual, and of course the skies had to brighten up just as Tara ran across the lawn to meet her partner as they finally joined their souls together in the magical day they always imagined. If not their hand than the hand of a loved one was in every piece of this celebration from start to finish. It was truly the most one-of-a-kind day I have ever witnessed. I am so overwhelmed by gratitude for these people and for this day, and I hope my photographs can do justice to the intimacy of it all.

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