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I saved the email. It was September 24 when Amanda reached out to me for the first time, and ever since that day I have been consistently amazed how local photographers find one another, connect on both a business and personal level, and benefit one anther in ways we never could have predicted from just touching base to say hello. In that time I have invited her over to my home, begged her to drive all the way to New York to assist a wedding last minute, played dress up and practiced bridal portraits together, and lastly, checked the weather every day for the last two weeks wishing snow would arrive on a day we both had off work.

Here’s why:

My friend Amanda married the love of her life, her best friend of 10 years on December 28, 2012. And while I had not yet met him, I wanted to give them an anniversary gift. You see, they never got the snow they had hoped for on their wedding day. It may have been frigid 16 degrees, but the snow didn’t arrive until the day after their wedding. If you are planning a winter wedding right now, you most likely have your fingers crossed for at least a flurry if not a sheet of white on the ground to set the scene for the winter wonderland you have imagined ever since the date was selected. A snowy wedding portrait is one of the most romantic images that mother nature can bless us with, and it makes the cold weather completely worth it! Well, I HAD to get those snow portraits for Amanda and Rich. Low and behold, a snowstorm comes not only on a weekend but exactly 2 weeks before Amanda and Rich’s 1 year anniversary. The conditions were perfect.

But what I couldn’t have planned for was their love. It just radiated from them, and all I could do was stand back in awe. He looked at her like she was the only woman in the world. Her soft spot for him was bigger than these images will ever carry. And I knew that one year was nothing for these two. A love like this is a love that will never end.

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