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Shannon & Michael

Sand Springs Country Club

Wilkes Barre, PA


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… the best kind of humans are the ones who stay.

This love story dates back all the way to 1993, when fate brought Shannon and Michael together for the first time in pre-school. In a little town called Mountain Top they grew up together, and along with all of their fellow grade schoolers at St. Jude they did what every kid does running down the halls in a pre-pubescent life: they made fun of each other. Rumor has it they didn’t get along at all, and it didn’t help that both Shannon’s label of “Most Bossy” and their “Can you imagine?” page in their yearbook reads, “…Mike getting along with Shannon?” So, yes, the angst is all recorded. Which is why anyone who passed by St. Jude’s church on August 29 2015 would have heard roars of laughter as that same incriminating yearbook found itself as the main display piece for Shannon and Michael’s wedding ceremony right back at the very spot it all started. This wedding had a special way of showing us how life comes full circle, it was amazing to watch Shannon go through her memory box full of movie tickets, passed notes, and school papers surrounded by so many friends who had been with them in every stage of life thus far. Shannon and Michael have been through a lifetime together already, so I have no doubt that memory box will only grow and grow until the lid no longer fits.

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