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He’s the kind of guy who makes sure she has her nails done before he proposes, re creates old family photos with his brothers  (and gets internet famous within a day), hand draws his bride their wedding gift and makes the frame from wood he reclaimed, starts folding up chairs at the end of his own wedding, and serves our country for a living. She is the kind of woman who shows up at my house with flowers, customized mugs, wine, and chocolates to say thank you, has a full buffet of food and drink so everyone is hydrated but forgets to eat any of it herself, doubles as wedding planner and bride for her own big day, and remains as close today with her best friends from high school as ever. And together? They just fit. Who else wraps christmas gifts in a box of tampons, names their dog Waffles, moves across the country and back every couple of years and still has time to throw the most baller New Years Eve wedding extravaganza anyone has ever seen? There wasn’t one moment in that day that I felt like I was “working”, and if I could spend every New Years with these crazy kids I would. When Dan returns home their next stop is Virginia, but I know that no matter where they are in the world my images will be going with them, traveling in a box packed away, always a reminder of the night that ended in a new year, new friends, and a new last name.

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