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Sam & Rob

Lake Galina | Peace Valley Park

Bucks County, PA


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So let’s be clear about something here: I literally sat and smiled at my screen all day yesterday. Partly because I wanted to relive Friday all over again, and partly because I have never seen a couple of smiles more contagious than Sam and Rob’s. Their love story has withstood 4 years and over 600 miles, but this Marine and his wife-to-be are full of nothing but pure joy. I watched them read the dozens of letters they had saved from their time apart, whispering savored memories that only they shared, the ones that reminded them that distance was temporary. I jumped on (and in) boats with them when the colorful kayaks made for a perfect afternoon snuggle under the sun. I shared my favorite lunch spot in all of Bucks County with them, and we drank and strolled through their vineyards after a picnic on the patio. I miss sharing a perfect summer day with Sam and Rob already, and I know their wedding is going to be so worth the wait. Sam and Rob, I thank you for your sacrifice for our country and I thank you for running after geese, learning how to dip on a dock, and jumping into the water with abandon for me. I hope you can see that your images are as honest as you are because of it.

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