Juliana Laury Photography

Sam & Rob

Knowlton Mansion

Philadelphia, PA


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… to the ones who still believe in dreams: chase them. chase them until you’re out of breath. then, keep running.

This wedding was 1,974 days in the making. It was countless long drives, hand written letters, and restless nights knowing that September 5 2015 would change everything. And it did. That day Sam and Rob closed the gap on four years of long distance and started a new life together, and it was all the things fairytales are made of. Sam got ready in the house she was raised in, put some final touches on in the room she slept in for the very last time the night before, surrounded by all the important women in her life who have been with her through this journey and were just as thrilled as she was to see this day arrive. They wrote letters to one another as they always had, his on a green notebook like the ones they used to pass back and forth in the early days of high school flirtations, happy tears flowing freely. It was a surprise visit from the Mummers that got everyone out on the dance floor, where it seemed they stayed all night. And it ended with every guest lining the walkway of Knowlton Mansion with sparklers and cheers as the newlyweds left to start a new adventure in a new state with a new last name, ready to take it all on together.


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