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Welcome to the world, Sam

Paoli Hospital Birth

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Births never really go according to plan, if there’s even a plan to begin with. But no matter how it goes, I always end up photographing the happiest human beings on the planet in that moment. Yelina and Scott have been married for 9 years, so this day has been on their minds for a very long time. They didn’t envision an emergency c-section, but Sam was fully cooked weighing in over 9 pounds and he was not willing to endure the labor any longer. I got to the hospital minutes after he was born, and walked in on Scott falling madly in love with his son. Yelina arrived a bit later and it was pretty easy for her to do the same, seeing as Sam was just the sweetest baby right away, pink and plump and smiling at any touch. This kind of work is pretty intoxicating, you just can’t help but leave the hospital high off the smell of baby skin and smiles.

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