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Remmen Family Session

Springtime Lifestyle Shoot

Macungie, PA


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As we all know, Spring is the shortest season of the year here in Pa. We get about 5 seconds of breezy afternoons and open windows before the sweltering transition of summer creeps in all too soon. Which means it’s the perfect time to drag the family outside for as long as their attention spans will muster for a couple of family photos, and that’s exactly what I did with my good friends The Remmens. You might recognize their high energy 2 year old, Ivan, from my last post on their daughter Claire’s birth blog last month, who is getting bigger by the day. At this age mom and dad are running on 3 pots of coffee per day (actual statistic taken from Nels’ mug count), feedings are constant, and you just have to let the toddlers run their energy out until they collapse, so a solid 10 minutes of concentrated shooting time is a lot by these standards. We used the neighbors’ backyard and the last bit of energy these guys had before the sun set and an early bedtime took over.

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