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Rachel & Charles

Irem Clubhouse

Dallas, PA


Juliana Laury Photography | Chester County, Lehigh Valley, and Montgomery County Wedding Photographer

Rachel and Charles are absolutely two peas in a pod. They complete one another in the surest of ways, and from our first meeting out in Jim Thrope to their wedding day I could so clearly see that. It’s a real joy to meet two people who genuinely enjoy long walks in nature together, rather than just being the type to put that in their profile but complain about the bugs after five minutes. These two will never be bored together, always planning their next hunt or river trip or hike, I have no doubt these two have a lifetime of quiet moments under the vast sky together, appreciating the world in which we live and the partner who they chose to enjoy it all with. This wedding was so awesome and so them, so thank you Rachel and Charles for allowing us to be a part of it. We can’t wait to watch you adventure through life together!

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