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This is for the young and hungry

The graduate with an open road but no map. The one who never quite committed to it all. The one who signs up for weeknight webinars and loses hours, days, and even weeks amid the abyss of Creative Live. The blog stalker taking notes, unsure of when to turn those words into actions. I was that person just over a year ago. In one year I doubled my goals, tripled my income, hired an employee and built an organic marketing system built on human relationships rather than charts and graphs. In 365 days my portfolio improved tenfold and my brand became synonymous with consistently impressive product and service. And while I often hear that my case is unusual and extreme, I want to believe that it is actually possible to replicate my success by giving others a strong foundation to begin with. The man who builds his house upon a rock will weather the storm in ways that the man who builds his house upon sand never could. Let us sit in my living room where the coffee pot is never empty, the snacks are piled high, and the fireplace is always blazing. This will be a whole day of personalized navigation as we work together to form the building blocks of a solid brand that is uniquely you.

Limited to 10 participants


Saturday March 21, 10am to 7pm
  • 10:00am

    Meet & Greet

  • 10:30am

    Start with the WHY

  • 11:30am

    What is my brand?

  • 12:30am

    “I want to shoot weddings, but I don’t have any pictures”

  • 1:30pm


  • 2:00pm


  • 3:00pm

    Marketing & Exposure

  • 4:00pm

    Importance of the craft

  • 5:00pm

    Editing Tips & Tricks

  • 5:45pm


  • 7:00pm



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