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Matteo’s Birth

Pennsylvania Hospital Birth

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Every baby comes with a birth story. But not every birth story…begins with a major historical event.

It was 12:35 am on Election night, the polls were pouring in, and America was on the edge of their seats. That’s when Suzzette’s water broke.

She didn’t text me until nearly 10 hours later, there had been little progress and the hospital was just going to let nature take it’s course. This was her first baby, and it turns out he was a stubborn little guy. I got there 20 hours after they checked in. 1 centimeter progressed in that time. I was devastated. The next day was the biggest day of my husband’s life, he was graduating from anesthesia school, and I promised him I wouldn’t miss it. So I apologized, sat in the parking garage, called a friend for backup, and went home. I knew I would jinx it, and I did.

You can probably guess how that went- the text message that came the minute I got into bed, and how quickly I jumped back in the car, speeding my way back into the city. This blog post is what conspired over the next 8 hours, adding up to an excruciating 32 hour labor, Matteo’s cries blessing our ears at 8:36am on November 10 2016. By the end, I was just about ready to pull this baby out for her myself. But it was worth it, he was healthy, and I still made it in time to watch my husband have his own life changing moment just hours later. It was a wild ride, but I wouldn’t want sleep back in exchange for the experience of a lifetime.

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