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Nora turns 1

One Year Cake Smash

Flourtown, PA


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Michelle and I go way back to the “hostessing for $10 an hour” days, and we’ve both come a long way since then. So I was thrilled to hear from her again, but even more thrilled to see that her adorable one year old daughter Nora was the happiest baby in the land. I had such a wonderful afternoon with the Lachman family at their home, we mostly just let Nora run the show, and I think she was happy about that. But not as happy as she ended up being when we let her stick an entire birthday cake into her face. It’s a pretty sweet gig, running around the house half naked with a sugar high and a nightcap in the form of a warm bottle before passing out in mommy’s arms. Birthdays come around every year, and I think Nora already has the hang of how to celebrate.

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