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Where do I begin with these two? Well, to be honest, fate and the Cheesecake Factory brought us together. Ross and I work together there, and when I met him during his first week it quickly came out that I was a wedding photographer, so of course I gave him my card. Fast forward a couple of months and more than a couple of emails with his fiancé Natalie, and we finally pulled together the engagement session of the century. From the matching teal and white balloons and blanket, to the painted toy guns and a vision that rocked my world, Ross and Natalie thought of everything.  We started in their home in Conshohocken, PA where I got to meet their adorable pets and watched them snuggle on the couch, before moving to the frigid and windy waterfront (Natalie is a champ for having her coat off!), and finally we tackled their idea of bringing the Mr. and Mrs. Smith themed Save the Date to life. I am thrilled with the result and if this engagement session is any indication of how flawless their wedding will be in Wisconsin next year, I know those photos will just take your breath away.

  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-1
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-2
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-6
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  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-26
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-25
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-24
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-23
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-7
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-12
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  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-10
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-16
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-11
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-15
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-14
  • natalie-ross-conshohocken-engagement-13
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  • Mr.Mrs.Smith_Save_the_Date

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