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Maria & Dan

Normandy Farms

Blue Bell, PA


Juliana Laury Photography | Chester County, Lehigh Valley, and Montgomery County Wedding Photographer

If you had told the 14 year old version of Juliana that the 25 year old version of Juliana was going to photograph the wedding of the one girl whom she was simultaneously most intimated by and also looked up to most in all of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, that version of Juliana would have very awkwardly laughed and immediately wanted to throw up with nerves at the prospect. At 14 all she had wanted was to be stage manager like Maria, but she didn’t know that nailing that job would pale in comparison to what it felt like to get a phone call from Maria all those years later offering her the best job there is: to be standing by her side documenting the most important day of her life. I won’t lie, when Maria put that wedding dress on I totally had an out of body experience and became 14 year old Juliana again looking up to the woman I admired so much. It felt like fate to me- but then I found out that Maria, Dan, and fate go even further back! All the way back to 1993 & St. John’s Nursery School. Who could have guessed those childish grimaces would end up in wedding clothes next to each other for more silly pictures two decades later. Maria and Dan, I hope your wedding was everything both your pre-school and college selves hoped it would be. I imagine you didn’t exactly factor in a record breaking heat wave, but we have the very capable air conditioning system at Normandy Farms to thank for such an enjoyable evening. Heres to the best reunion there is! Wishing you many more bearable summers in Seattle!



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