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This will be the 4th installment of The Remmen Family on my blog, and I love this family like I would my own. Brianne was one of the first people to know I was pregnant, she was the one hearing about my morning sickness and my late period and the all capitalized text message that our test came back positive. Now we are going to finally have our own kids to raise alongside theirs, and we couldn’t be happier.

As with Claire’s birth two years ago, it was a whirlwind for them once it started and I barley arrived before having to leave for my own appointment with the same hospital for our 20 week ultrasound. It was pretty surreal to jump out of bed, gun it to the hospital, bust into their room, and then run out to meet my own little baby for the first time on a tiny screen. As you may assume, I needed a lot of tissues that morning.

We are so happy for you Nels and Brianne. We are so thrilled you have brought another beautiful life into your beautiful family and we are even more thrilled to watch them all grow together.

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