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…let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. it will not lead you astray. ~rumi

There are a lot of couples out there who follow a recipe for their wedding. It’s somewhere in between the black hole that is Pinterest and lost return address labels that some couples loose themselves. Why are they are really doing this in the first place. If they even wanted all of this to begin with. And sometimes, the day finally arrives, and it’s all whittled down to the bare bones of going through the motions, making others happy, and putting on the show they think everyone expects. I bring this all up to make a point: on Saturday October 4th I witnessed two people who did it their way. It was refreshing, really, to watch the day unfold. It was just so uniquely them. The girls snacked in a cottage while the guys drank beer and played corn-hole. Ed zoned out to some of his favorite music while he hand wrote his vows. She wore flats. He wore orange buttons. A local artist, Kwesi K, rocked the ceremony. The reception was a rager.  And my personal favorite: Dessert was handmade Chipwhiches made for each guest instead of traditional birthday cake. Pumpkin, Coffee, or Vanilla ice cream oozing out of a chewy cookie. I’m still having dreams about them.

So if you’re a bride, if you know someone who is a bride, if you are watching chick flicks on Friday nights wishing you were a bride, the lesson is simple. Make your wedding about what you love, and the whole day will just be a reflection of that.

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