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Today’s blog post has some personal revelations in it, so you might want to buckle up for this one.

Death falls all around new life. No warning, just sprinkled around our feet at a moment’s notice. A reminder. That life is precious. That love is everything.

And here we go again, the irony of the universe. I laid my grandfather to rest in his grave 24 hours before I showed up at Barley Sheaf to shoot Lindsay and Brian’s wedding. And 5 weeks later, on the exact day that Lindsay and Brian drove to my home to see their wedding images for the first time, her grandmother passed away. She wrote me a heart felt email last night that shook me to the core. The kind of email that made me stop what I was doing, leave my office, and take a walk to read it over in peace.

I now fully understood what you do and why.  It’s in all those moments of laughter, smiles and unspoken words of love that we realize why we are on this planet.  Today I appreciate more than ever the hug of someone I love, but most of all that I’m alive to see another day. As I will see my grandfather for the first time ever without his sweetheart and one true love, I know that there will be some comfort in showing him your photos and assuring him that LOVE does carry on even when we are gone.


I had started to write about Lindsay and Brian’s wedding day, as I usually do. I could talk about her dress, that sun, little Sophie running through the property, the storm that nearly rolled in during the ceremony but lit up the sky a brilliant blue instead. But that would just address one day. I want you to know that with this couple, this week of self discovery amid funerals and weddings all bleeding together, that I could truly admit that we will all die one day. My mission is to give people something to leave behind. A box to dust off when the time comes. An album to crack open. A print to lay flat. It feels like it’s for us, and in some ways it is. For now. But the truth is it’s really for them. For later.

I hope you fill your arms with hugs this holiday season.  Fill your heart with gratitude. Every single person and every single day is a gift, please never take that for granted.

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