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Layton Heagey

Paoli Hospital

Main Line, PA


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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years since Pat and Sarah brought me into their world with the birth of their first son, Everett. That hardest part was seeing that same baby suddenly sprout some very active legs and the energy of a Tasmanian devil running around the hospital preparing to meet his new baby brother, Layton. He was born on Earth Day, which fits the origin of his name, actually, meaning “herb garden”. Basically, the seed for a quiet meadow-like baby has been planted here, since his brother has enough intensity for both of them already.

It was such a wonderful experience to re-enter the Heagey’s life and walk the journey of their first week as a family of four along with them. I feel especially close to these guys for so many reasons. They have been with me since the beginning, and as I have watched Everett grow they have watched my business grow, and here we were, ready to add another level to our relationship, as I officially branched out to shooting lifestyle documentary sessions for families just in time for Layton’s Spring arrival. I can’t thank them enough for the trust they put in me, from capturing the very first moment Everett met his brother, hospital tags and all, to their first days adjusting to life back home, and what their new “normal” truly looks like (so far it’s eating macaroni off the floor, begging to go outside even when it’s pouring, and occasional inspection of newborn baby fingers and toes). Sarah and Pat are incredible parents and I know these two brothers will put their patience to the test every day for the next 18 years (and beyond), but they have already been given the gift of a sibling’s love that will define them in ways they have yet to discover for themselves.


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