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Lauren & Craig

Wayne Bed & Breakfast | Wayne Art Center

Main Line, PA


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There was something so intimate about how I experienced Lauren and Craig’s wedding. We parked into the tiny row of spaces that lined the Wayne Bed and Breakfast and were immediately greeted by the owners Mr. and Mrs. Thomason at the door. Shoes off, we climbed up the wooden staircase to the suite where we found Lauren and Craig getting ready together. It dawned on me that this was so them. No big crowds milling around, no bridal party, no big prep team- it was refreshing, really. Craig stepped out while his mom helped Lauren into her dress and her dad popped in as they held handmade handkerchiefs, one her mother’s as a reminder of a woman who was not alive to witness this moment but her presence could be felt in that little piece of cloth. The first look didn’t happen down a grand staircase or with an audience to watch, it was just there in the bedroom. He walked in and lit up the way only she can bring out, we stepped back and let them finish getting ready, he putting on her bracelet, she helping with his tie. As a photographer, how the day gets started really sets the tone for the work that is made, and thanks to my good friend and planner Carley the rest of the day flowed smoothly and beautifully. Lauren put so much of herself into the details, from the hundreds of hours she spent hand making over 100 mugs over the course of months for each guest to the thousands of hand picked whirlybirds that she and Craig collected around their Philadelphia home. Before we knew it dozens of guests were lined along the steps of the Wayne Art Center to cheer on the newlyweds as they made their grand exit into the night.

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