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Katelyn & Chris


Villanova, PA


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Katelyn and Chris are be the gentlest human beings I have ever met. Their softness and grace for life and for one another is something so rare in our world. So when we woke up on August 6th to a 50% chance of rain I did a little rain dance, ran out to get a bubble umbrella, and put out my prayers to the universe so that these two could have the beautiful and sunny outdoor wedding they deserved. Well, the rain held off just in time, lingering with that summer humidity, but it wasn’t until Katelyn and Chris were about to be introduced to the reception that the skies opened and the downpour left rivers along the stone. They danced over the sounds of that storm, and I realized that this day was over a decade in the making, the universe knew it and threw a little magic their way. I’m so glad I was able to witness it all.

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