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Apparently Jeff once told Julia that when she talks to me on the phone it sounds more like she is talking to herself, and I can see where he would pull that statement from. So that fact that it’s taken us nearly a whole year to meet after our initial phone call is crazy, but I’ll blame the military for taking these guys to distant and exciting lands, such as Hawaii where these two met! In true romantic comedy fashion the setting was a bar in Waikiki, Julia popped his collar, and the rest is history (because that’s a boss move, girl). It took one surprise visit with a ring (and a creepy onlooker on the other side of a telescope, still fitting with the romantic comedy movie they have going on) for these two to give me a call and I am SO GLAD they did! We had a TON of fun chasing the light and breaking some state park rules the weekend before Thanksgiving, I just hope the next few months of winter fly by and we get to their beautiful May wedding as soon as possible.

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