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Josh & Jantra

Careview Community Church

Lansdowne, PA


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When I tell you truly there are not enough words in the English language that can possibly do justice to what I experienced on November 14th 2014, I mean that there are not enough boxes of Kleenex in my home to get me through this.

 There are some people in this world that you look at and you wonder why every single human being is not like them. Josh and Jantra are the epitome of all that is right in this world, and I am blessed beyond measure to call them my friends. They are faithful, selfless, and joyful. They have built the last 8 years upon mutual honor, mutual submission, and mutual love. They are a shining example of love because they were raised in love. The rings they wear on their hands were once worn by their own flesh and blood. They saw each other for the first time in the exact spot they once secretly met as children and returned 6 months ago for a surprise proposal, both times surrounded by the cheers of their closest friends and family. They forwent all traditional expectations and pledged their lives to one another in the church that raised them. They were nourished by food cooked by the congregation and danced the night away in a spare room that felt like it could burst any minute from the overwhelming sea of support and electrifying energy. I have had an extremely short career thus far, but it is because of this family, this couple, and this experience that I know in my heart that I am a better person because of my job. They say life is about knowing what you live for, and thanks to you, the James and Stone families and the Careview community, I know I live for this.

To love another person is to see the face of God. ~Les Miserables

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