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Jeff & Julia

Hamilton, Ohio

Destination Elopement


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… home is where you belong. some of us travel the whole world to find it. others, find it in a person. -beau taplin

A 1,000 mile road trip was just what the doctor ordered to kick off my wedding season in the best way possible, with a destination elopement in a little town called Hamilton, just outside of Cincinnati Ohio. I’ve never slept at a couple’s house on their actual wedding day before, and I’ve also never shot morning breakfast and snuggles in my pajamas before, but I gotta say it was a pretty easy transition. Julia and Jeff are gems, the kind of people who keep your glass and your heart full. They spent their wedding day in the most relaxed way possible, getting ready in their home, seeing one another for the first time in their dining room, eating sandwiches in their kitchen in full wedding attire. It was about two best friends who have made sacrifices together, have built new lives together, and have made one another’s heart their true home, no matter where life takes them.

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