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// all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us //  .tolkien

Everything you need to know about what matters in life is right here in this blog post. Exactly one month ago on this day I witnessed the most genuine outpouring of life and love that can possibly define what a family looks like, starting with Jamie getting on the floor in her wedding dress all to ensure Blake’s outfit was on point, all the way through to the very last song of the night when the last wedding song began to play and Jamie and Zach reached for their sleeping son and rocked him between their bodies as they smiled from him to one another, basking in their last moments of their wedding day together as a family. In between we witnessed moments that could never be duplicated, hugs and laughs and tears shared with people who may never have the chance to come together for a celebration like this again, and I know in my heart that those are the moments that make this more than a job, it’s the opportunity to give something to their hearts as well as their eyes. I am an emotional photographer, but learning these stories is what allows me to step back and create images that speak for themselves. Enjoy.


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