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Jake & Jordan

The Historic Revere Tavern

Lancaster, PA


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These guys are my neighbors. My next-door-neighbors. My share-a-wall-get-ice-cream-on-summer-nights-always-there-for-us-when-we-need-them-neighbors.

So this wedding, well this is a day I’ve been counting down to for the last 15 months. And now I am left to somehow describe this day with extreme excitement mixed with extreme hormones.

Jake and Jordan: I know everyone says this but we are all so happy for you both. Over 100 people cried and laughed and cried some more along with you during your unbelievably emotional ceremony. You are the perfect mix of heart and humor together, and your wedding was a celebration of that. All of your plans could not have come close to preparing you for the emotional roller coaster of the day, and as your friend it was so touching to be there up close in those moments, and even better to have the chance to document them for you. I know this is just the beginning of your beautiful life together, and the start of many transitions that we will witness for one another. Enjoy the smile that these memories will bring. I know you have a full life of love ahead of you together.

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