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// there are always excuses not to do what you want / the trick is to ignore them and do it anyway //

I think in life there are certain people who believe in you, maybe more than you believe in yourself some days, who serve as catalysts for the course of your future. Sometimes you realize what’s happening at the moment, sometimes it takes weeks or months or years for clarity to come to the surface and reveal the true weight of a moment in time. Gwynne and Mike have been those people for me. I pitched them a crazy idea, and they believed in my vision enough to fly me out to the other side of the country, live on their couch for 3 nights, sharing every day, every meal, every story of the last 10 months, which in turn built a kind of intimacy between us that I am struggling to explain as I type these words on a keyboard.

I shot their wedding last May, they had found me online from 3,000 miles away, and we connected from the first phone call. Their wedding fit them just right, a little bit vintage with a whole lot of personal flair, family and friends smiling in the summer sun as Gwynne pulled up in her Dad’s red truck to go stand on a rug from LA and exchange simple gold bands passed down from her grandmother. I hadn’t shot many weddings before theirs, but I knew this one was a turning point in my work, a day I was really proud of. So we kept in touch. They flew to Italy for their honeymoon, then back home to LA. We emailed and Facebooked and when I sent them their wedding album in the fall I enclosed a letter that revealed something I had been feeling over those last few months- that their story isn’t over. In fact, it was just getting started. Little did I know, that as I was writing these words, Gwynne and Mike were holding off telling the world that they were pregnant. It sort of felt like worlds collided over the next couple of months, from the day she told me up until I boarded a 6am flight I knew that the vision I had shared with them in that letter was coming to life. So naturally, I had it recorded. I recently welcomed my friend, previous groom, and now creative partner Josh James into a series of projects, and this was a big step for us. I thrive best when I’m surrounded by like-minded people, and aside from his over 6ft frame holding a flash or my backpack or driving our tiny Chevy Spark from LA to Vegas, he’s also talented film maker with a heart of gold. I’m really proud of what we put together here, and I know this is just the beginning.

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