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The female form is overwhelmingly beautiful, and it has been the muse for artists centuries before me and will continue to be for centuries thereafter. But I must say I find one stage in a woman’s life to be particularly striking- when her body creates, matures, guards, and nurtures a child within her. To me, there is nothing more miraculous. And so I aim to photograph this precious and fleeting time with an unadulterated eye.

These images were taken a year ago. I have since met and fallen in love with Beau, you can read the full story of how I came to fly across the country and spend nights on the couch and days in the sun with him here. But I wanted to commemorate his first birthday with my first pictures of him, one of my most open and candid sessions taken at that point. I’m revisiting them with a new perspective on just how important these images are to make. Time flies whether you’re 24 weeks and still cookin’ or 48 weeks out in the world and finding out just how far your little legs can take you, until of course mommy scoops you up and brings you right back to lay on that belly that you fit so neatly in not too long ago.

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