Juliana Laury Photography

Elise & Chris

Styer Orchard

Langhorne, PA


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When Elise gave me a call and told me her story, I told her immediately I was going to be at her wedding. She told me about how she and Chris met in nursing school, and she told me about their son, Finn, a vivacious one year old who they have been able to watch grow together, so building the final piece of their family with their wedding next summer was something I knew I wanted to be a part of. We got to hang out on one of the last warm days of fall at Styer Orchard, and thanks to grandma Finn’s extremely active legs never wandered too far into the fields, much to his dismay when we turned out backs for some alone time with mom and dad. I can’t wait for these next 8 months to go by, not only to have that warm weather (that I already miss) back but also to document the next chapter in the Galloway family’s lives.

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