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These guys might take the cake for shortest commute of my entire year. It was kind of funny how it all worked out, I don’t often meet couples that live any less than 20 minutes away from me, so when Dutch and Jenn said their venue was a whopping 4 minute drive from my house I figured this would be a pretty cozy way to wrap up my year, and it was. Dutch and Jenn actively sought my advice on so many of the details including their date, so I was really crossing my fingers that we could get some last minute fall color since they waited especially for my availability. Well, about 2 days before the wedding I dropped by their friends’ property in town to find them with a leaf blower and about a foot of leaves on the ground and on the trees and our portrait location was secured. It was exactly 5 months after Dutch proposed, and the day was lovely. I was really great to see how all their hard work paid off and everyone having a great time along with them. I’m so glad I was able to work with these two, their support of my company over the years has been so heartwarming so to be able to give them these beautiful reminders of their day was exactly how I wanted to show my appreciation.

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