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// happiness is not perfected until it is shared // .jane porter

There is a very specific type of client who contacts you the week they get engaged to ask when your availability is so they can book their wedding around your calendar. They’re the type that trust you no matter what crazy thing you ask them to do (like stand 2 steps away from a trash can for the first photo of the night), the type that make you feel like a magician when you pick up your camera because they just know you’ll make them look good, and most of all they make you look forward to their wedding day so much that you start a countdown and are relieved when you only have to wait a couple of months instead of a whole year. I’m talking about Dutch and Jen here, and they are gunning for “client of the year” pins or something because with a wedding right in my neighborhood, an engagement session at our local town fair, and text messages of Jen wearing my t shirt the whole next day, these two make my heart melt all over the floor and I wonder how I got so lucky to do what I love for a living for people who genuinely appreciate my work. I can’t thank these two enough for reminding me every time I interact with them how blessed I am to meet amazing people with amazing stories that I have the honor to listen to and record in such an honest way.

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