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When you get engaged, the first thing society asks you is what kind of wedding you will have. The biggest flaw in that thinking is this: Your wedding is not your marriage. In fact, it’s not even a true reflection of what your marriage will be because only time can determine what that looks like.

Diane and Mark are decisive people. They know who they are, both together and as a team, and they know what’s important to them. When they got engaged they had to make some big financial decisions (most young couples can relate) and they decided to buy a home together. They also decided to get married in that home. It was the perfect setting. It was Monday. It was noon. The sun was sneaking in and out of the unpredictable April clouds. They got ready together upstairs. They invited their parents. Mark’s uncle married them. It was intimate and personal and perfect for them.

It’s always an honor to be asked to photograph a wedding, but when you are one of a dozen people in the room that honor feels so much more amplified. I’ve known Diane for 10 years and I can truly say I have never seen her so content, so fulfilled, so sure of her place in this world. I am so proud of Mark and Diane for staying true to themselves, and I hope these images serve as a reminder that no matter what the wedding looks like at the end of the day it’s about choosing the person who you would marry anywhere, anytime, on any day. Because the marriage really begins when get to take your shoes off and snuggle in bed with your partner for life.

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