Juliana Laury Photography

Diamand & Mike

Penn Oaks Golf Club

West Chester, PA


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… loving you whether times are good or bad, happy or sad..

It must feel like these two have been through it all together already, spanning from Mrs. Smith’s 8th grade English class, to the tragic loss of Diamand’s mother, and now to the joyful celebration of their wedding- it’s been quite a ride for these two, but they have weathered the storms and danced in the sunshine together, always smiling, always supporting one another, always hand in hand with whatever life throws at them all these years later. Diamand and Mike are an inspiration of true strength, so it was no wonder nearly 200 family and friends were present that day, to pray with them, laugh with them, and dance until the very last song faded away. I’m so happy for these two, I know this was a day many years in the making and it’s so wonderful to finally see them as husband and wife.

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