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Oftentimes couples who choose forgo the “first look” feel that they have to choose between the 2 things there never seem to be enough of- pictures and time. I made the exact same decision as Briana and Eric did, I made sure I got both. Listen, you can have your cake and eat it too. It was pretty simple, really. Briana put her dress back on, Eric his tux, she whipped her hair and makeup together in minutes, ditched the heels and we went for a little barefoot walk along the river.

We had it all- the sunset, the water, and best of all, the silence. Pen Ryn had been booming with 150 people just hours before, but this night it was transformed into a hushed manor overlooking the rippling waves as they caught the last ounces of light for the day. We stayed until dark, until the very last sliver of light chased us out.

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