Juliana Laury Photography

Danielle & Chris

The Ballroom at Ben

Philadelphia, PA


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In Chris’s words, the theme of this wedding was “Young, wild, and free.” Actually, you didn’t even need to be young to be tearing up the dance floor, as Danielle’s parents displayed. O, and all their aunts and uncles. And cousins. And friends. And everyone they have ever known, as this wedding was so packed that even from the balcony it seemed like a room full of empty seats.

So where would a Ben Franklin reenactor want to have his wedding? At the Ballroom at Ben of course! But let’s add a couple extra steps to that:

  1. 1. Stop at Ben Franklin’s grave for a private moment with the big guy himself on your big day. With an entire bottle of champagne. Get yelled at/kicked out by a tour guide.
  2. 2. Carry Ben’s epitaph with you from said grave to see your future wife for the first time. Unroll the parchment and read it aloud to her.
  3. 3. Promptly begin giving a tour of the city while the Trolley attempts to pick up the bridal party and your fiancee rolls her eyes (but your photographers love the free show)

O, and equip all your guys with Ben Franklin socks. Could your wedding day get any better than this? Let’s add in:

  1. 1. Set up your own version of The Last Supper with Bud Light
  2. 2. Nail your perfectly choreographed first dance AND…
  3. 3. Marry your best friend.

All around, it was a pretty solid day.


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