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The series of events that had to occur leading me to photograph Danielle and Andrew’s wedding on July 8 2017 could be labeled many things depending on what you believe (i.e. lucky, miraculous, destined, etc.). All I know is that everything happens for a reason, and I never could have known that while I was shooting one of my first weddings as a new business owner, two people on opposite ends of the bridal party right in front of me were about to fall in love and call me to photograph their own wedding just a few years later. It’s crazy to know that I was there on the day that Andrew and Danielle met, but it wasn’t crazy to know that they were about to plan one of the most epic weddings of our entire season. These two are magnets- for each other, for a great time, and for all the love and support two people could ever wish for. It was our first time photographing at the Moshulu and we were so glad our bad weather streak finally broke for these two. It was a gorgeous day that absolutely flew by and we are really proud of the images we made for this one. Please enjoy a few of our favorites!

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