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A few of my favorite things include freshly baked donuts, shamelessly jamming out to Taylor Swift, and unscripted shooting. Which is probably why spending the afternoon with a 7 and 9 year old was the perfect fit for my Sunday afternoon’s activities. Somewhere in the middle of discovering spin classes at my gym, figuring out how to adjust my bike, and staring at my instructor and wondering if she was secretly a machine I ended up introducing myself to her and learned that she is indeed a machine both on the bike and in life, juggling two girls named Reese and Rowan, photographing local families herself, and managing a dozen activities around her family’s tight schedule. It was such a privilege to come into their home and capture a day in the life of the Catron family. The English muffin pizzas (which took me right back to my college days), the dress up and dancing and jumping on bubble wrap because that’s the only way to dispose of bubble wrap, oh, and inevitably turning their attention to the empty box which suddenly became a fort (naturally)- it was all just another day in a house of two pre-teens and two lucky parents. I am looking forward to offering these sessions more in the coming months- transitioning into lifestyle documentation has certainly helped me shake off these winter blues.

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