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Over the years I have become known for getting emotionally invested in my “client’s” lives, so much so that I never really use that word “client” but rather “friend”, especially after the wedding day. I find this to be the case for the simple fact that two people choose to fully reveal their lives before me and in turn I experience not only their wedding but a vignette of their entire lives over the course of a single day. Hidden family memories, inside jokes between friends, one’s tolerance for an insane amount of alcohol given out for free for 5 hours…I get to witness it all. However, for Catherine and Brad’s wedding I had the opportunity to stay after the wedding and be a part of it too! With two babies at home I don’t typically book out of state weddings, but this exception was SO worth it! Lexy (my second shooter) went to school with Catherine so we had a VIP pass to one of the most beautiful and emotional weddings we have ever shot together. Catherine’s relationship with her parents is extraordinary and I couldn’t help but photograph her mom and dad’s full display of emotions the entire day. Hearing the story of how Catherine’s dad used to play the Winnie the Pooh song for her when she was a girl before bed made Lexy and I shoot through our own tears as he cued up the very same song to surprise his daughter with their dance together. Catherine’s sister said it best during her toast when she said that every single bridesmaid considered Catherine their best friend. The amount of hugs and tears and stories shared on September 21 could fill a book. Cat and Brad both dreamt of getting married along the water, it was a huge force of comfort in their lives, so to see this dream come true on one of the most gorgeous days of the year was just so satisfying. I have taken so many lessons away from these two and their incredible family and friends- thank you for having us! Congratulations!

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