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Tim and Carly are two people that I love very much who had a wedding that had me laughing and crying and laughing all over again for what might be the most heartwarming day of my year as both a photographer and a friend. I already knew this day was going to be something special, but when Tim’s surprise gift to Carly was a video he made of two puppets who go to every place that is significant to him and Carly set to a custom song that he wrote/song/recorded thereby winning as the most thoughful wedding gift ever made, I knew I was going to be a mess of tears at this one. Which turned out to be completely accurate when they chose “Holocene” by Bon Iver for Carly to walk down the aisle to, bringing my already-emotional soul to it’s knees as I immediately began sobbing the second I looked over at Tim. But for as many tears as Tim and I shared we had an equal amount of laughs, as he decided to start my day by wearing my company t-shirt upon arrival for the day. Then it turns out that Cape May in the off-season looks a lot more like Bermuda when you take all the drapes off the tents, add perfect weather, and two people who happened to be having the best dressed day of their lives. That was a win. And of course the dance floor was opened up by a lip-syncing special by none other than the bride and groom which led to a packed dance floor which lasted all night long. Ever since Tim shot my wedding video two and a half years ago I have been waiting to repay him and I can proudly say that we seem to have done that here. Please enjoy some of my favorite images from one of my favorite weddings of 2015.

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