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There are people who don’t just walk but explode into your life. They are the people who you connect with so instantly and organically that you can’t seem to recall the realization that they would become a part of your soul, because you just knew it all along. It is rare, and it is a gift.

This family has given that gift to me, and I am eternally grateful for each of their lives. I believe in documenting these lives, because nothing is guaranteed, and change is always around the corner. It was a year after I photographed Ali & John’s wedding that Bill was diagnosed with systemic melanoma. Ali called me in tears, and her only request was that I would capture their family, no matter what state they were in. It took a few months but I was welcomed into Minneapolis on February 2 by a happy family, closer than ever, cherishing each day together with new perspective. Bill’s has immunotherapy allowed for us to have a great weekend, with days getting outside and nights by the fire, looking through old family photos and sharing meals together. It was a joy not only to photograph but also be immersed in this tight knit family who play hard and love hard.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post these images, but today something said to use my voice and share them. They aren’t anything grand, and the story isn’t complete. But today Bill gets some important scan results back and all I can do is look at these photos as I wait for the news. I’ve realized it’s important to share the journey, because we don’t exactly know how each chapter will change in our hearts as we go. The best thing we can do is to capture the present, in whatever way we can, because their significance will only be revealed when they become an homage to the past.

Please document your lives. Not for who you are today, but for who you will be tomorrow.

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