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There was only one minute of this entire day that I put my camera down, and in that minute I was not holding a camera but rather Briana’s warm and shaking hands in mine. We were alone nestled within the walls of a 250 year old mansion, breathing in and out in unison, savoring this moment together. She was about to see the man she loved most, waiting for her at the end of the aisle, waiting to make her his wife after 7 long years together. It was the wind that blew her cares away, wafted through the foyer as the doors opened, tangled her hair as she rose her face to meet his, it was the wind along the water’s edge that made time stand still.

And so it began.

An epic wedding that could only be topped by one thing even more epic than a marriage: a birth.

Here we go: Briana had warned me of this, her stepmother’s due date coincided with their wedding date. But when I walked into the hotel and saw a very pregnant woman in a gown acting totally normal, I felt a sense of relief knowing the day would go as planned.  What I later found out was that this woman was actually in labor for most of the day. She didn’t let on, committed to watching her husband walk Briana down the aisle, to standing by his side as he tearfully gave away his firstborn, and even waited until he had completed his father daughter dance before she allowed her husband to tearfully carry her to the hospital, where he was blessed with another little girl just minutes later. All the while back at Pen Ryn, the whole family seemed to be celebrating the only way they knew how- out on the dance floor. Grandpa was tearing it up, a surprise photo booth was unveiled and a simultaneous birth announcement and karaoke breakdown closed out the evening.

It was late when I fell into bed,  but the best part was knowing I would wake up and get to go back the next night. And so, just 24 hours after it all began along the water’s edge, I found myself back with Briana and Eric, same place, same dress, same glowing smiles. O yes, there is more. Stay tuned for part 2, coming tomorrow!

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