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The Birth of Boaz

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One day I may be rushed into a hospital in the wee hours of the morning gripping a wheelchair in pain as I prepare to bear a child into this world, and when that day comes I hope to be half as strong as my friend Anakai, because if I can channel her example I will know in me heart that it can be done and it will be beautiful. I know this because I was the very first person to look Anakai in the eye mere seconds after her son emerged and say to her, “He’s perfect.” I was in that tiny room in triage with 10 people shoulder to shoulder, and I stood right next to the doctor as we encouraged her for one more push, over and over, no medicine to ease the pain, no epidural no pitocin not a single drop of anything but pure power as this woman brought a human being into this world with all the chemicals her body naturally gave her. And when we heard his first cries of life, we all cried.

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