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Bloopers & Behind the Scenes: 2014

All the crap we couldn't show you until now.


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It’s the blog post you have been waiting for all year. It’s physical evidence that the camera never stops and that means we have it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All buried in the archives. And today, it’s coming out of storage.

A few lessons to be learned:

  • I WILL get out on that dance floor. And I WILL make a fool of myself. Especially if Turn Down for What comes on.
  • Allison and I are just as awkward in front of a camera as ya’ll. And somehow I’m still posting these.
  • There is always a slight chance someone will end up with wedding cake in their nose. Unless the cake cutter breaks before you can get that far.
  • I can never make a normal face when standing as a model for a test shot.
  • Laying on the ground in a room full of people requires a lot of trust in God and liability insurance.
  • There’s always that one person who always takes it to the next level.
  • Bathroom selfies happen with fancy cameras, too.
  • Kids really do the darndest things.
  • One drunk groomsman can throw the whole thing off.
  • Golf balls flying at your head during your first look will make for a hilarious story. Later.
  • Getting kicked out of places happens. A lot.
  • Never run out of alcohol. Just don’t let it happen.
  • We climb on every kind of table, chair, bathtub, and sink there is. Just not the flimsy folding chairs…not anymore.
  • If you get married in the city, prepare yourself for the paparazzi.
  • We often double as planners, chauffeurs, florists, stylists, and more.

And even knowing all of this, we still wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy my favorite blog post of the year, and please feel free to leave comments below. I mean, really, my selfie game is on. point.

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