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Bloopers 2018


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2018 was a wild ride for sure! Juliana Laury Photography saw a lot of change so this bloopers blog post has it all: various stages of recovering & growing “baby body”, my transitions in second shooters, and of whole lot of wacky, confused, and sometimes smiling faces that sounded our cameras throughout it all.

As many of you know, my beloved second shooter of 5 years Allison Zaucha moved to the warm and sunny California earlier this year, making way for the lovely and talented Lexy Pierce to take her place by my side. Lexy started with me one season and one pregnancy ago, all the way back in 2017 carrying my bags, lights, and keeping me hydrated as I got bigger and more in need of her assistance during my 15 weddings last year. In that process, Allison and I fell in love with her so it was a natural fit to promote her when Allison’s big news hit last September. Lexy started training right away and you would really never know that I had a little hormonal crisis right around that time, wondering who could ever replace my beloved Allison. Thankfully, it was a smooth transition and Allison still shot with me for 8 out of our 21 weddings this year, so her smiling face is still prominent in this blog post. Lexy trained with another good friend, Lora, who also has a prominent spot here with her infectious smile, and she showed Lexy the ropes on shaking all you got on the dance floor! Lexy learned from the best, and it’s already like she’s always been here.
I’m keeping the changes coming in 2019 in ways big and small. 2019 will be my lightest year ever with only 9 weddings booked, all taking place within a short 3 month span. I am due to have my second child in the Spring, and I’ve had a big rebrand in the works for two years now so this year is one of realignment as I dig further into myself as an artist, a woman, and a mother. There will be a lot to stay tuned for, so please excuse the temporary hiatus in the interim.
Regardless of where my work goes, there will always be a permanent folder on my desktop labeled “Bloopers” for one of my favorite New Years traditions: making you laugh. Enjoy a great one, and Happy 2019!

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