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Bloopers 2016


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Alright guys, it’s the best blogging day of the year. It’s the good, the bad, the selfies, the light tests, the cranky, confused, excited, exhausted, silly, serious and all around good times had over the course of our work in 2016. You’ll see us shoot from balconies to bathtubs, we are covered in sweat and rolling around in the snow, we light test light test light test (this is maybe 25% of those “hand in front of the camera” gems), we run and jump and climb where we need for the shot, but we always make sure to end the year with a Treat Yo Self day as our reward. As always, I want to thank everyone who helped make this year happen, from our incredible clients who put their absolute trust in us, to the handful of assistants like Taylor, Sarah, and Alex who made guest appearances here, to the random people who grabbed our cameras (or their cell phones) and insisted on taking our picture too. Most of all, I pour every ounce of appreciation I can muster to my right hand lady, Allison Zaucha, who has shot over 50 weddings by my side thus far. Without her and without you guys I wouldn’t be able to live this crazy awesome life doing what I love every single day. I’m excited to see where my couples take me in 2017, no matter what happens I know it’ll be a great time!

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